Automated XRF Facility opens

Analysis is undertaken in a fully automated, robotically prepared fusion and XRF system using the latest technologies.

MinAnalytical's advanced facility offers minimal sample handling while maximising efficiency and repeatability at a competitive price. The cell is capable of readily accepting overflow samples from similar Herzog automated systems and has the capacity to prepare and analyse up to 1500 samples per day.

MinAnalytical offer customised solutions where the XRF can be optimised for different ore types in order to achieve the desired outcome. This will be achieved via consultation with the MinAnalytical automation technical team.


  • Capability for bar-coded logging
  • Automated report generation
  • Automated sample preparation
  • XRF direct loading capability
  • Analysis of up to 24 analytes
  • Customised element suites
  • Enhanced Na & Cl analysis
  • Low detection limits
  • Low cycle time

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